Our Testing Services

Food Microbiology Testing

Listeria, e-Coli, and countless other health problems caused by microorganisms can be found in any food product. Testing by Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC can find these pathogens (if they are present) before your products reach end users, providing enormous cost savings in the event of a recall or possible litigation.

Water testing

Is your water used for products for human consumption, cleaning of food preparation equipment or for animals whose products are used for human consumption? Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC offers comprehensive testing of water and water supplies. You will have peace of mind an proof of water quality used by your company and business.

Mold & Air Testing

Is the air at your facility safe to breathe on a daily basis? Air quality can change when new products or methods of manufacturing are introduced to a facility. Air quality can also be affected by unseen damage to buildings caused by weather, rodents or insects. If you are uncertain about the air quality at your facility, call us to find out about air quality testing

Toxicity Testing

Is your product creating toxic substances, or are you suspicious of your products being contaminated by them? We can identify the formation of toxins or their presence allowing you to remove existing problems and reduce the probability of new toxic contamination.

Odor & Corrosion Testing

Have new odors developed? Have machine or equipment parts begun to corrode from an unknown substance? Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC can pinpoint newly noticed odor problems, test for corrosive materials and recommend methods for treating the problems. Call us today to test your factory, plant or production facility!

Product Testing & Evaluation

Do you have new products, or products manufactured by another facility? Let us test and evaluate these to assure that you are receiving the quality you are expecting. Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC has all of the facilities to provide expert product evaluation services.

Nutritional Analysis & Labeling

Do you manufacture a food product? Do you know its nutritional breakdown? Do you need a required US Government Nutritional label? We will work with you to provide you with the approved labeling requirement for your food products and help you assure you meet federal guidelines and get those products to market faster with more assurance. That means more profit in a shorter time!

Shelf Life Analysis

Just about every consumer has encountered spoiled food. Whether its moldy bread, soured milk, or bad fish. The risk of encountering a spoiled food product can be significantly reduced by knowing and understanding shelf life. Shelf life represents the useful life of a food. New and old products going to market can better serve the consumer if the shelf life of the product is known.

Experts On Staff

Do you need a witness to provide expert testimony? Our Microbiology and Chemistry Department can provide expert testimony to confirm or refute claims against you. Our lead microbiologist has testified dozens of times to provide expert analysis that judges and juries can trust! So, whether you need someone in person or just an expert testimony in writing, Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC's experts are here to help!

Featured services

Product testing, nutritional anlysis & labeling.

With more complex rules for food processing, storage and labeling, you need can no longer rely on your own judgment. You need experts and that is where Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC helps. Our team will not only analyze your products and facilities, but we will also help you file the correct reporting and create a process that complies with FDA & USDA rules and regulations. There may be pages and pages of regulation pertaining to your products or production methods and there are often critical tests that need to be performed to stay in compliance. Call Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC today and ask how we can help you streamline your process saving time and money!.

Drug Testing.

Whether you're prosecuting or defending a drug charge and need to find out the exact amount of marijuana, heroine, cocaine or other controlled substance, Accra Micro-Chem Laboratories, LLC has experts on staff with years of experience. We have worked directly with the DEA, FBI and many defense attorneys to get exacting results. Our test results are “Court-Ready” and we even provide expert testimony if required to explain the results. We are even certified by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency to assure the right results!

LKit - Testing you can do on your own.

"Listeriosis, a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, has recently been recognized as an important public health problem in the United States. The disease affects primarily persons of advanced age, pregnant women, newborns, and adults with weakened immune systems. However, persons without these risk factors can also rarely be affected. The risk may be reduced by following a few simple recommendations." - United States CDC

You can actually test for Listeria using our LKit. Simply click the button below to order 1 or more Lkits. The kits are shipped directly to your facility and you can take samples yourself by following our easy-to-use instructions. Use the quick return container to send the samples to us and get your test results in as little as 1 week! Fast, easy and inexpensive!